Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Busy Day

Today is busy. I knew it would be--vote (no lines during working hours though, plug for SAHMing), OB appointment, birthday party for Abigail's good friend. The sane Sarah planned this morning. Vote. Grocery store, prune juice a necessity. Abigail to friend's house to play. Doctor's appointment. Pick-up. Party later.

Somewhere along time, I blame the OB, the crazy Sarah took over. You know the one all hormonal and worried about looking fat before looking pregnant. The one who can't fit properly into maternity clothes, whose pants won't stay up and whose shirts resemble tents rather than clothing. The one who is bigger than her friend seven weeks further along, never mind that her friend is always smaller than her, naturally, and that this is her second pregnancy and my fifth. That one took over! How is it that the sane me has so little control over the crazy me, but the crazy me can completely subjugate the sane one?

I digress. Some time while at the doctor's office. Waiting 40 minutes in the waiting room with a magazine of model perfect pregnancies while listening to the View ladies comment on politics. Or peeing in a cup, there must be a better way! Or waiting another 15 minutes in the exam room, thankfully I was able to keep my pants on. Sometime during all this glamourous prenatal time, I decided that a trip to Target was a necessity. I just had to have a few shirts that fit, and that free coffee for voting, and a prenatal exercise video, and a book, and . . . . I had to do it all before going home.

Abigail's naptime eaten away by the crazy Sarah and Target's good deals. That birthday party tonight promises to be a wonderful time of tired toddler grace and manners. And crazy mother grace and patience.

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