Monday, January 26, 2009

Manic Mondays

We don't always do so well on Mondays. It is the grit my teeth day that can easily spill into a grit my teeth week.

I blame it on my weekly schedule that puts grocery shopping on Monday after a weekend of later nights, and running around that leaves us all a little discombobulated.

Why did I ever schedule grocery shopping on a day I would much rather be home recovering from the weekend and getting our house in order?

Last week I switched the schedule with Tuesday. Staying home Monday, going out Tuesday. It did work better. So welcome housework Mondays.

Oh, wait, I have a doctor's appointment this morning! What would that make this Monday?

And I am far enough along that this signals the beginning of my two week appointments--29 weeks!

We got a dog this weekend. A black lab who we named George. Abigail wanted to name her brother George but that wasn't happening. This dog has a George shaped head and eyes. He is, though a big black spot wherever he is so I am/was tempted to call him Rorschach.

So doctor's appointment, potty training a person and a dog, keeping three-year old's toys safe from dog's chewing mouth, and putting away all the stuff of the weekend. Definitely a manic Monday.

Lord, let me see You, in the faces of those you have placed in my life and the suroundings you've placed me in. Let me dwell in Your presence and be ever looking for the gifts you have placed in every day.

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