Thursday, January 8, 2009

What's Your Name

We made it through the twos without too much incident. Really other than stubbornly refusing to be potty trained, the twos were easy.

The threes started shaping up questionably in October, technically before three, but there was definite foreshadowing going on. We have been struggling with a girl who wants unrestrained, unequivocal independence.
No bossing, no restrictions=happy Abigail.
Restrictions or commands=cranky Abigail.

Last night, we went to T@rget for milk and medicine refills. Abigail wanted doll clothes. We weren't getting doll clothes primarily because said retailer does not carry the desired clothes.

Informed of the fact, Abigail went into cranky mode.

(Before I complete the story, I should say that she has been calling herself Agaba for over a year. She just couldn't get Abigail out properly and for a while I am not sure she really got the nuances in the sounds because she didn't try to change her pronunciation of the word. But recently she has been practicing and she has succeeded in re-writing her name in her mind. She worked hard and is proud to pronounce Abigail as it is intended.)

As I was saying, she entered cranky mode. I thought I could distract her in a really positive way as Chris isn't accustomed yet to hearing Abigail come from Abigail's mouth.

What's your name? I asked.

She responded despondently, I don't have a name.

I questioned, Why don't you have a name?

Because I don't want one.

Giving up, we just laughed and dropped the subject. What if someone heard it all and thought we were kidnappers? What if it was one of the people in S@bway who heard Abigail's enraged screaming fill not only the restroom but the entire building?

I will be sympathetic to the mothers with children screaming in the store. I will. I will.

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  1. Ah, yes, the crankiness of 3-year-olds. I remember vaguely. :)

    Many sweet blessings!