Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Forgot the Camera

Yesterday we went to my parents' house. I wanted to hem our curtains because we got this puppy who will chew on anything so puddling curtains have become more of a nuisiance than a beauty. And Abigail and I needed a change of scenery.

I took my camera. I took pictures of one of their dogs and their cat.

We worked on the curtains. We went to play outside taking George to meet the chickens and feed the birds.

Then we went to the logging job where my dad and brother were working. We were going to watch the log truck load the logs. This is when I forgot the camera. And of course this is when the camera was most necessary.

While waiting for the log truck to show up we needed to distract Abigail. What better way than to build a snowman. I should note that we had none of the normal snowman building necessities. We had only snow and the appropriate clothing for being outside. We make the body and Abigail announces the need for a hat and arms. Arms easy sticks being abundant at a logging site. We improvised. Seeds for hair and eyes and nose. Sturdy weed stems for arms and mouth. It was a cute little snow-woman just the right size for a great picture with Abigail. Her first snow-person. Oh, wait, I forgot the camera!

I also missed documenting Abigail and Uncle Matthew riding on the bulldozer. Abigail balancing on a log, operating the tractor, and running across a landing area.

I would like to feel guilty for not having my camera, but I'm really good with mental pictures captured in words.

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    I hope you still have some buttermilk.

    The above mentioned I have made and can definately give it an A++++++

    This one just sounds scrumpadiliumptious. I do not know if that is a word in the dictionary but it is fitting.