Monday, February 9, 2009

61 Days

Dear Baby,

Today I heard your heartbeat again. I don't know how many times this makes it, but I never tire of the whoosh, whoosh of life echoed through fluid. This morning your heart beat 158 beats per minute; your movements were blamed for the higher than normal rate.

I also found out that we are not destined for a surgical removal of your body from mine. You do have to come before your due date and you have to be a reasonable size, but Dr. Nahhas told me today that we can wait until April 11th if I want to. All I have to say is come on time and easily. They won't be patient with your entry into this world, but I so want a natural birth. It really will be better for all of us.

I am so excited for you to come. I want to meet you. Today I looked up gender prediction tools. Most of the old wives' tales would indicate you are a girl. So too does the Chinese calendar. Abigail and I think you're a sister. Your father isn't committing to anything. Grammy Sandy already calls you by the boy name we've picked. Too bad you were so modest at the ultrasound!

I want your dad and big sister to meet you. Almost more than I want to meet you, I want to see Abigail's eyes and face when she sees the baby she has been hoping for since we thought about a second child. And your father, I just love seeing him with his children.

I love you.

Impatiently Waiting,

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