Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Puppy Changes

Dearest Little Abby,We got a dog a little over a week ago. He is a wonderful puppy, 10 weeks old, very tolerant, extra playful. You love our new dog; we all love the new dog.

I had forgotten though the attention that a puppy requires--house training, nipping, chewing, chasing. I didn't think about the time he would take from us: play interrupted, stories fragmented, projects put on hold. When I took him out tonight, I realized how much I miss you. Sitting on the couch with you snuggled up against me watching the Suzie Holmes episode of the Dukes of Hazzard for the tenth time in a row. I miss the mornings when I have time to read before you wake and we look at books. I miss allowing you the freedom to leave your toys on the living room floor until bedtime. I miss the simple distractions and the peace we had. I miss the us-ness.
It was coming. The dog brought the changes earlier, and he brings such joy there is no regret. Just as when baby comes these same changes would be brought. Maybe the puppy is good practice for us all. You get used to another being in the house needing attention. I get to figure out how to make new work. And in the end you have a playmate come baby time.
What playmates you will be! Since George came along, you have been outside in the snow so much more. Before you would cry thinking about getting your boots snowy, now you count down the minutes till you can go outside to play with George. You two play. You giggle, big belly laughs at his puppy-silliness. He seeks you out just for delight, waiting for your giggles. Being in the yard with the two of you brings such joy to my day.


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