Monday, April 13, 2009


Today we are a week old, this new family of four, or five if counting the dog as Abigail insists we must.

Chris went back to work after spending last week with us. So we are trying to get back to normal, a slower normal building momentum as I heal but normal nonetheless. This morning was successful. That is all I can ask for, a spot of time at a time.

Abigail is a kind and gracious big sister showing Simon off to everyone she knows and even people she merely recognizes. A little more weepy than normal I don't know if she is tired or responding to new and needy brother or perhaps a little of both. She insists on being involved in everything especially dressing him. Though I trust her more or less to follow the rules and obey the boundaries, my mother instinct has me wanting her in the same room with me at all times. He is quite a temptation.

Simon is seven days old. He was up twice last night which was fine. He finishes a meal in 20 minutes (Abigail took twice as long.) He cries when he is hungry or needs to burp which he doesn't do easily. He has lounge singer hair when it is clean and dry. We had to shampoo his hair, not just wash his head!

I am sore and tired but relieved to be free of the spinal headache that plagued last week. I just walk though the house picking up and figure that will be enough for the week staying ahead of the clutter that wants to be. Today my staples come out.

We are a blessed family.

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  1. So it WAS a boy! Please poste details of the birth, and also more pictures! He is exactly one year and one week younger than Jake. :) Jake has been MUCH easier than Ella--I wish you the same level of difficulty or better.