Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My Children,

How very long I have waited, dreamed of the plural. The path to this place, daughter playing in her room while son finishes napping, has taken longer than I imagined. The path here has been painful at times twisting and turning in ways we could not expect. The pauses at the destinations of birth filled with excitement, overflowing with joy. A journey to a family of four I could not plot prior to the undertaking. A journey I would not have plotted prior to the undertaking; no, my journey planned was much different-shorter, less painful.

As I sit now the quiet of naptime shattered with infant cries and little girl runnings, I find the journey to this place one of grace, mercy and love. It is a journey at this end I would not refuse, a journey of knowing God, of knowing my husband, of knowing the blessing of my children.

It is a good journey as the God who ordains this journey is a good God.

I love you both.


  1. It has been an honor to pray with and for you and your family while on this journey. This is one of those good but hard times. And yes, I agree, our God is good! Oh so good!

  2. I am also amazed by the Grace of God in choosing the two children for our family - they are all I could want, each in their own way! I'm glad to hear how you adore your children too!