Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Things Said

She talks and she talks and when you think she is done talking you find yourself wrong, very wrong. She has an introverted mother, one who loves talking with others, who enjoys a good conversation, one who needs quiet retreat to recharge and continue enjoying others.

These are some of my favorite conversations.
A coyote died at my parents. Abigail was concerned with coyotes, obsessed would be more descriptive. On the way home, she started asking about coyotes. Asking and asking and asking. About half an hour in we were tired of talking about coyotes. It was late and we wanted to talk to one another and we didn't want a cranky tired Abigail after church. We tried to convince her to just be quiet and rest to no avail.
In desperation, I said,
Abigail lets talk about something else.
She responded,
No, wet's talk about coyotes. Wet's just enjoy coyotes.

We went to small group one Friday night. Our friends have a farm, we went and stayed and the children played. We had a wonderful time. Simon had been born so I wasn't sleeping all night. We got in the car and the talking began. It was well after bedtime.
Tired I suggested that she close her eyes. I've suggested that she stop talking before and it doesn't work.
She responded,
I want to talk.

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  1. I completely understand! I, too, am more introverted and definitely have a need for quiet time so I can think. Too bad my children don't share my introvertedness. :)