Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unnatural Mom

My baby is fed formula and wears disposable diapers.

I tried breastfeeding Abigail and the experience three and a half years later still makes me panicky. I considered breastfeeding Simon, but when packing for the hospital I went searching for all the anti-engorgement supplies I could find. I took it as a sign. I don't buy organic formula because the rest of us want to eat too.

I wanted to try cloth diapers for Abigail, but with the problems breastfeeding, I could not get my mind around nursing and cloth diapers. By the time I quit nursing, the cloth diapering idea was long gone. No breastfeeding Simon, so I considered cloth again. I even bought diaper covers.

And I tried. Once a day for a few days and yesterday. Yesterday, I thought I should give it a good try. We made it through two diapers--one feeding period. It felt like breastfeeding--getting a good fit from the diapers, keeping the hook and loop tape from the diaper cover from irritating Simon's belly, and making sure he was dry. All while a talking three year old wanted my attention. I quit that too.

Sometimes simplicity is formula and disposable diapers. I can and will cook from scratch, but where my babies are concerned, I will be the unnatural mom. It is the only way I can enjoy them and function as a wife, mother, and woman. I am thankful to live at this point in history. Again God's timing is perfect.

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