Sunday, May 31, 2009

This Week


All is quiet. The children are sleeping. Chris is working in the garage finishing the longest car repair in history.

I wanted these moments of quiet, entirely my own. I wanted to wrap my mind around the coming week. To record the week past. To sit with journal and pen and Bible. To hear from the Lord.

My mind races
With things left undone--Doors to paint. Toys to pick up. Lettuce to plant. Bird bath to erect.
With things to be tried--Pillow sewing. Dress making. Running.
With goals set--Organize those storage areas. Begin planning the schooling we will do at home. Flowers to plant.
Simplify, budget, mother, manage.

Finding time for it all seems impossible.

There is no wrapping of mind around the things of life. Not yet. Not now.

Father God,
This week sits before me naked, waiting to be lived, the moments filled with the stuff of woman, wife, mother.You sit above this space of time, Creator of minutes, hours, weeks. There is a way to fill this week to give you great joy. That is the path I desire.

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  1. i often have similar prayers. may the Lord bless yours this week!