Friday, September 18, 2009

Candles, Flowers, Friends

Tonight I had friends over. Smoothies and Satin Hands.

Chris took the kids for the two hours.

The floor was clean, I could get the candles out and flowers graced the TV stand. During the last minutes I brought a quilt up to cover the bench usually used as a toy shelf.

For two hours women talked ate and smoothed our hands.

And my house looked like this family was put together.
Like the dishes get done in a timely fashion
Like Abigail picks up after herself.
Like I am organized.
Like George doesn't destroy everything we give him.
Like we put our clothes away.

The friends left.
My family came home.

I blew out the candles, put the flowers on the table.
Finished up little girl snacks and baby his bottle.
Brushed teeth, changed diapers.
Read Bible book, shared thankfuls, prayed.
Tucked in children.
Made date smoothie.
Brought the dog in.

Toys on the floor.
Dishes in the sink.
Computers on.

Refreshed mother.

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