Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sum of the Parts

He is always happy. Happy to go. Happy to see new people. Social, happy dog who licks Abigail's hair as we travel. He is confined to the back seat, though now he can unbuckle his seat belt with alarming regularity. Soon drive-thru food will be at great risk for girls who forget to pay attention.

We have been going to obedience classes at Pet Smart. The classes work for us and while George was a puppy he did a great job. Now that he is a juvenile we have more difficulty. Tonight George and I went alone. We learned a great deal. It is a wonder how well I learn when I don't have to wonder which crate Abigail is hiding in while teaching George to heel.

Sometimes a mama needs time alone with each of her family members for the sum of all the parts becomes more than she can track. But with time alone, this mama can remember to enjoy them all.

Tonight in separate events they all made me smile.

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