Thursday, October 29, 2009

Green Tights

I think everyone should know that I can buy green tights!


I have been looking for tights, preparing for fall and all, but could only find leggings in brown and black and navy and gray. Boring, boring, boring.

Today I had a revelation as I was walking through T@rget. I could avoid leaving my house, stressing out, forcing my children into buggies, shopping if I used the internet. Oh, and I could probably find what I am really looking for.

So I tried it.

I went to JCPenny. No luck.
I went to Old Navy. No luck.
I went to Gap (who was also on the Old Navy site).

WoooHooo! Green tights!

Then I got so excited that I exited that site to post about the GREEN tights.
I wonder what other colors they have.

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