Monday, October 26, 2009

Mounting a Resistance

I am a Mom.

I am a stay at home mom.

I must say no.
Sometimes, apparently, I must say no more than once for people to listen.

No, I will not be a leader.

No, I cannot attend lunch meetings that last 2 hours at restaurants with two little ones in tow. And no I will not be finding a babysitter so that I may volunteer to sit at a restaurant for 2 hours to accomplish 1 hour's worth of work.

No, I will not be able to work every day on heel with George. Also insisting that he wait to come in when the world is falling apart for one of the children is unreasonable. I will not be doing it.

No, I will not be watching a movie with you. I will read or play, but if a movie is important to you, you will have to watch it yourself.

No, I haven't found x, y, or z. I don't know where you put them and I have other things on my list of things to do. Please start putting your stuff away.

For the nos, I get to say yes.

Yes, we can paint.

Yes, you can hear me pray.

Yes, we can pick flowers.

Yes, you can hold the leash.

Yes, your clothes are put away. The beds are made. And the kitchen is clean.

Yes, we have time to take a walk down by the water before it gets dark.

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  1. your photography is so beautiful, Sarah! i love this post.