Saturday, November 14, 2009


Much fluff. That is what I feel like I have been filling this month with as I sometimes, maybe often, scramble to put a post together every day. Not as easy as I thought.
So here are some things I have learned so far
  • keep the date. Originally I planned to write before I took my nap with the children. I didn't always make the time and after they are in bed and before I sit comatose on the couch after they are in bed is a recipe for. . .fluff. So new date--after I rest a few minutes during nap time.
  • write down the ideas and the outline. Just do it. So often I have a post in my head but I can't get it to the computer before it has escaped somewhere between nap time and the comatose on the couch time.
  • mark the interesting, I'm willing to share journal entries. Not fluff.

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