Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Three bags sit in front of the closet. Baby food, diapers, formula ready to accompany Simon to the friends keeping him. Insurance cards, crafts, books, dark chocolate kisses prepared for the ride to Morgantown. Making the trip with Abigail and I to the nephrologist.
Today, we will be facing the tests. Abigail will have a catheter inserted and her bladder will be filled with a dye while x-rays are being taken. She will have an ultrasound of her urinary tract to see if the UTIs have caused damage. Then we will meet with her doctor, the kidney specialist. It promises to be a long day.
So I pack pipe cleaners and beads, Bible stories and The Wind in the Willows, and dark chocolate kisses (my arms are the hugs) for a day with my girl. She is armed with the knowledge of what will happen. She is prepared with the faith that Jesus is always with her. And we are praying for His felt presence in each moment of the day.

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