Monday, February 22, 2010

There's a Song

We sing it in church, I really like it. Others I know do not. (I almost put "not" in all caps the dislike is so great.)

Anyway the chorus says
We will remember, we will remember
We will remember the works of Your hands
We will stop and give you praise
For great is Thy faithfulness
Now I should give a caveat--Great Is Thy Faithfulness is my favorite song, the one I go to when life starts happening, the one I cling to. So any song with that line can't be all bad.

But I digress, I like to be reminded to remember.
To remember who He is.
To dwell on all He has done.
To see, and record Him in action.
And isn't that what Lent is all about.
To consider the great depths we have been pulled from.
To remember the chains binding us to our sin.
To remember the great love compelling Him to come,
binding Him in ropes made by His own creatures,
nailing Him to a cross,
making Him the sacrifice.
To remember the days dark when it seemed hope was lost.
To remember the tomb empty.
To remember the eyes following His ascension.
So this Lent, and, yes, I realize I am days late, I am going to remember--to make record in this place. Because Great Is His Faithfulness.
  1. her face drawing near in the morning
  2. keeping the waking to one 20 minute time frame
  3. the cashier at the grocery store making over Abigail's onion sets
  4. boys in slings
  5. breakfast out
  6. special drinks with my two favorite little people
  7. having two favorite little people
  8. his happy squeals
  9. falling asleep touching toes
  10. magazines and scissors and just enough frustration to know she is learning
  11. binders with clear covers made beautiful to collect learning
  12. his voice returning my call
  13. his patience listening to me think on the phone
  14. the lady who stopped, shared her jack and her headlights for us to fix the blowout
  15. vest warm days
  16. icicles shrinking
  17. finding the batteries to fit the flashlight after whispered prayer
  18. listening to her pray for Haiti
  19. his "angry duck" face
  20. children's songs straight from the Word

1 comment:

  1. I like your list - it's great to remember everything we're thankful for. Especially when life gets to full of day-to-day activities.
    Hope you are all doing well!!