Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At Bedtime

When the baby has been fussing all evening and the girl has found six other things to do rather than pick up her toys,

When husband has had another bad day and the ice dam caused more damage than we thought,

When a post isn't done and one is overwhelmed with the heaviness of life,

It is time to remember. . .
His heart
His grace
His faithfulness
Our joy
Our love
Our work
1. hot water washing away the tension
2. her laughter, from the belly pure delight
3. his frog pacifier bouncing from head to stair to new room
4. his frog pacifier hooked over the rail of the crib still lodged in his mouth
5. yellow yarn waiting for a hook to become a dress
6. baby in a sling hanging out in the back
7. heavy wet snow to roll
8. a family of snow people decked out with rose of sharon seed pods, dried blossoms, spires of unnamed flower
9. finding the tracks of cat and bunny (and the other things of bunny)
10. purple paint on her wall
11. big black dog frolicking about the snow family
12. vegetables prepared for dinner
13. dancing baby in exersaucer
14. her sausage delight
15. cuddling up with a good book
16. girl in tights and snow boots
17. his help with dog stink (yes, it is true. his bed stinks up our whole basement)
18. her prayers, especially
19. captured in pictures (though not ready for publication)
20. warm legs from her perch in front of the register
21. his round naked belly

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