Thursday, June 17, 2010

Staking Tomatoes

Our garden is growing, everything is planted. Most of the mulching and other big, garden-establishing chores are complete. Soon it will be a little weeding, some fertilizer and bug spray (not a fan at all but the cucumbers, melons, and squash won't survive without a little help this summer), and water. The last of the chores is staking the tomatoes.

My dad made me the stakes to sink in close to the tomato roots. Tying the tomato loosely to the stake as it grows keeps it growing toward the sun, tall and strong. It's fruit is protected from the dirt and dampness of the ground. One last task to make growing tomatoes more enjoyable.

As Abigail and Simon snack, I think about tomato stakes and children. If I have said before that my life is like a garden, or I'm like a plant, would it not be so for them as well. Given these lives, gifts, our home and this family becomes the garden. With some weeding, some fertilizer and pesticide, and generous watering these children can grow and produce fruit. There remains one last task. Staking the tomatoes.

My Father gave me the Truth to sink in close to their hearts. We, their father and I, will keep tying new growth to the Truth so they my grow toward the Son, tall and strong. Their fruit can be protected from the dirt and dampness and darkness of their surroundings that way. We will keep praying that they will embrace the Truth. We will hope and keep tying as they grow. One more task to make growing children more enjoyable.