Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On the Third Wednesday

Pastor Rob sang this song during Adyn's memorial service.

I was going to post the way we had to go shopping for a suitable outfit for me and how engorgement set in with a vengeance and how we never imagined to be greeting guests at a funeral service before we were thirty. I thought about writing about how our senior pastor was on a mission trip so our very much our age expecting his own child soon associate pastor had to preach this message doing a wonderful job. I was going to share the way a lady in the ladies bible study asked her studying to be a funeral director husband to take care of us, and the way he did. And the way a family who had also lost their first sat with us and witnessed that they still believed and were still together and strong. And the way all the love showered on us and the promises friends made to my mother to keep watch allowed her to trust that we were OK so far away.

But I think today that the miracle prayed for during all those days is that I Still Believe.


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  1. That's a beautiful and touching song. It brought me to tears and I haven't gone through your ordeal. A great reminder to still believe, even in the tough times!