Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Come on you can do it!
No, I'm scared. I can't jump.
Yes, you can do it.
one can of black beans encouraging another perched atop a 5 pound bag of flour in the shopping cart.

Bye, bye couch. Thanks for letting us read on you.
as I was carrying her to the rest time spot

Do you know I wen to the doctor for a check up and they were blocked. Guess why? Because I am having another baby. It is number 13. I don't know what I am going to do. I am tired of having babies.
just the start of a conversation held at an incredible volume while on a walk (One must disregard the questions you won't have time to answer them.)


  1. hilarious !!!!!!!!!!! can just picture it... especially the one in insane levels of sound....it's called high coperocity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Okay...
    It's been a long day for me...
    Plus add to this three things:
    1. I am off of my "happy pill" (You know what I'm talking about!!)
    2. I am really not feeling well...
    3. My brain just ain't working...

    Are you pregnant?!

    Okay...you do realize a phone call will be coming your way in the am!

  3. funny how the mind comes up with play time tales!

  4. Jen, yeah no! Abigail apparently is with her 13th!