Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Ten Things

  1. took a trip to Germany 
  2. paid $45 for a pair of fly-less underwear
  3. received a promotion at work
  4. patiently waited through four family emergencies in as many months
  5. owned an obscene number of cars for one year
  6. has begun to write a screenplay
  7. took up running again
  8. secretly loves the dog
  9. finished a room for the children
  10. bought his own box of crayons for family art night
  1. asked no less than 4,593,287 questions
  2. learned the art of keeping a secret, and she's a steel trap
  3. was an innkeeper and a donkey in her first Christmas play
  4. had a picture frame fall on her head and cut two tendons in her right hand
  5. went through kidney reflux testing 
  6. rode her bike for hours in our drive-way, on the walking path near our house, at Ohiopyle
  7. planted a tree with her dad
  8. charmed the socks off of all the older men and women she met, receiving money nine times out of ten
  9. found her Christmas present before Christmas
  10. turned five, FIVE!
  1. celebrated his 1st birthday
  2. fell in love with the cows at my parents
  3. climbed over the porch swing
  4. learned to duck the dog's tail swing
  5. knocked his two bottom front teeth out before getting all 20 of his baby teeth
  6. jumps from the ottoman to the couch and the couch to the chair and (You get the picture; there is lots of jumping.)
  7. loves food
  8. ran away from the gift-unwrapping on Christmas day
  9. finds the house too quiet at times for his liking so torments his sister
  10. throws a ball, rides anything with wheels, stacks everything possible
  1. has perfected one bread recipe
  2. cried again over the plight of orphans 
  3. took on the hospitality role on the MOPS steering team
  4. totalled the van
  5. read about whole foods and found they are more work but we feel better
  6. read the Ann of Green Gables series
  7. found time-outs work for her too
  8. kept a list of joys
  9. picked great colors for the children's room
  10. went to Target many, many times

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  1. what a fun list of things Sarah! I can relate to #7 and #10 on your list. :)