Monday, December 20, 2010

Thoughts of Barberries

The barberry bushes have lost their leaves. The stems naked reveal twists and turns, skinniness and thorns, ugliness. I pick them and bring them in creating little vases of barberry and evergreen. I like the reminder. Eternal life has its price. The ugly made beautiful in red-stained thorns. And it is in that juxtaposition that Christ came--the glory of God contained in a man, the sinless becoming sin, the death that brings life.

And I count (131-142)

:: bread rising for last minute gifts ::
:: peace even from a "no" ::
:: weekends with colds ::
:: taking a walk ::
:: thinking of babies ::
:: counting our stockings ::
:: Christmas gifts stashed ::
:: St. Nicholas truth ::
:: the fun had in the truth ::
:: gifting girls ::
:: Christmas carols ::

(There is no baby announcement in this. Just thoughts of and dreams about and research on. More will come after our mothers call to have this issue clarified.)


  1. Funny, I am baking bread-that-has-to-rise (a new genre for me) for Christmas gifts this year, too.

    So I am curious, how do you have fun with "St Nicholas truth." We are getting a little unspoken grief about not "doing Santa" for our kids.

  2. Bread as gifts . . . what a great idea!! I spent some time with a 9 month old Monday, and I have to say, (shhhh) every time I see a baby I ache inside. We're done, but I don't think that longing will ever go away!