Monday, January 31, 2011

January 30th

On a day when one's husband needs to make an afternoon trip to Pittsburgh, one should convince him to take the entire day off and go to the zoo in the morning.

It was seventeen degrees when we arrived to find that two of our party didn't have gloves. But that was forgotten when we got to see the snow leopard up close and the tiger walking about and watch his giant paws move him closer and closer to us. And when we stood outside the elephant enclosure and she came over to the glass, we realized just how big they were!

We spent an hour in the primate house and another in the aquarium and even more time looking at the reptiles and admiring the bats.

The best part of going to the zoo when it is seventeen degrees is that there is time
time to admire
time to laugh
time to count
time to watch
time to think 
time to ask
time to answer.

Usually this zoo is packed to the gills, but today we were one of only a few families. Instead of spending my time teaching my children how to behave in a crowd, we were able to talk and learn about God's handiwork. Next year we'll add long underwear, sweaters and a proper glove count to our supply list, and go again.

Yep, we've become the family that goes to the zoo in the middle of the winter. That family time is too good to pass up.

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  1. I've often thought about taking the kids to the zoo in the winter! I'm just not brave enough. ;)
    Glad you had a wonderful time together!