Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ordinary Is Good

Have you ever noticed how going outside, getting out some paints, and giving everyone a little space and a little of their special requests makes for a lovely day.

I haven't been feeling especially well the last couple of days--a migraine that is manageable but never quite gone. And I have been showing it--irritable, lethargic, blahhhhh. But today, I decided to fake it. (Of course, it didn't hurt that my head didn't hurt as badly as it had been.)

We went outside. I shoveled and they played. We threw snowballs and made two snow people--mama and baby.

We came in and had lunch. He napped. Abigail and I made a cake and she played while I made lotion, a new recipe. She napped. I wrote and read and talked to my mother.

They painted while I made dinner and cleaned up the kitchen. Why haven't I done that before? It so worked!

My friend called. We had dinner and I went to pick up our insulation.

The children are in bed now. I am writing a simple little nothing of a post. A lot of little details that ended up labeling the day good. As the month draws to a close and I begin thinking of the next discipline, I know that celebration is good and I pray that this month will stick as I walk forward into the next.


  1. love to hear this stuff, sarah. ordinary is SO good !
    love, jan

  2. I've had many of those days, and somehow when I push through, I feel accomplished and even a little proud of myself when they're all in bed. Glad to hear you made it good.