Monday, January 3, 2011

Starting with Celebration

I've been mulling over this new year. What shall I make of it? What shall I name it? How shall I live in this new year?

Then in the midst of sick husband, stir-crazy children and feeling like my life was 1100 square feet and I was about to burst it, I decided to pray. You know, ask guidance from the Lord of the Universe, the One who knows what the year holds, who created me and knows what He wants me to look like. Ask that guy.

And I came to a book I've read before, started again, and need to walk through again. I haven't thought of this book in a long time. I didn't know where it was. But as I asked and as I kept being reminded of its presence in our house, I thought I would go on the search. There were three bookshelves, two cabinet shelves, one tote and a drawer that were potential resting places for the book. I wasn't expecting much success.

In fact, I had steeled myself against any idea of finding it on my first try. Yet, that is exactly what happened. I walked into the room, glanced at the shelves (glanced!) and the bright blue book jacket popped right out at me! So there you have it. A slow year-long walk through John Ortberg's The Life You've Always Wanted: spiritual disciplines for ordinary people. It is a book about the disciplines. He highlights ten leaving November and December for the merging of them all. Or for thanksgiving and giving . . . I'm not there yet. Marinating in one book, spending a month learning a way of the Lord. Sounds like a good year.

And to kick it off we Celebrate! Yay. Perfect for a multitude Monday post.

:: new year's morning at Ohiopyle ::
:: buckwheat cakes :: 
:: sauerkraut and sausage ::
:: the way their laughter makes me laugh ::
:: Simon using Chris as a tree to shimmy ::
:: the way Abigail loves the auto parts store ::
:: kind people who let me cross the parking lot and smile when Simon drops his car and I drop my purse picking up his car ::
:: reading on the couch ::
:: hearing my husband say he has another day off ::
:: sunshine on January 3rd ::

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  1. :: the way Abigail loves the auto parts store ::
    Much like Ella loves Best Buy, I'm sure!