Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Don't Do It Often

Swear, that is. And really I only have one word--damn. (Shocking isn't it. I know.) It is my go-to word when the toilet overflows or I spill something all over the kitchen or something goes seriously awry.

Apparently Abigail has caught on.

A: Can I sit by Simon at lunch?
M: No.
A: Damn!

Chris wanted to yell. I wanted to laugh. OK, I did laugh after they went for quiet time. Chris loves the fact that Abigail's first swear word was learned from me. I hold that he has taught her far more disrespectful words.

Seriously, though, we did have a good conversation about how that isn't a good word and how we all need to be more careful of what and how we use the gift of language. And it make me wonder how the way I say things may be worse than the words I choose.

Enough seriousness . . . this is celebration month!

Some other things that we have heard here.

S: Doooooooood

C: What are you thankful for?
S: Poop
C: Anything else?
S: Cukick (cupcake)

A: Breadsticks! When did you make breadsticks?
S: Last night when I made the pizza.
A: Oh, so that's how it went down.

A (during quiet time, shouting): Mommay! How many more minutes till three?
S: 24
A: (plaintive): Mommy, why do you choose to believe the clock?

A: I hated the accident. I couldn't sleep because I had a heart attack after the accident.


  1. Damn Sarah! I had NO idea you used some language...(wink)

    My goodness are those some priceless words out of the mouths of your kids. Don't you love it!!!!

    I think you are very right. It's not necessarily what we say but how we say it. I hurt Brenna's feelings last night and I'm still upset about it. I didn't mean to do it, it was just frustation on my end. I didn't think enough to pause and do a quick "is this tone necessary...should you show more compassion."
    Okay now I'm getting serious!

    Thanks for making me have a smile over my toastwich =-)

  2. Why do you choose to believe the clock?! Love it! She is so bright. I also love that Simon continues to be thankful for poop. I think I am, too, but just forget to think of it :-) Thanks for the honesty, again.

  3. haha! I think my favorite is "Oh, so that's how it went down." I can just picture her saying it. What a blessing our children are!!