Tuesday, January 11, 2011


 Today it snowed. Well, it waited till we canceled our MOPS meeting, but after that it snowed and made the MOPS cancellation a wise move. We took advantage of it! It being the snow (not necessarily the no MOPS night.)

Shoveled everything that needed walked upon.
Threw some snow balls.
Rolled a snowman up.
Built a fort (or a defensive wall if we were invaded by snow ants).
Rode our sled down our tiny hill with a retaining wall drop off at the bottom which doesn't worry me at all with Miss Careful Consideration, but gives me serious pause with Mister Consider-And-Go-Ahead-Anyway-Because-It-Looks-Like-More-Fun-Than-Injury.

My glasses are still spotty from the evening. We went out at 4 and came in about 5:30, mostly because it was getting dark and we were getting hungry.
Dinner was late, and the kids are watching a movie and will end up in bed later than normal. But for the laughter it was worth it. Especially since Chris joined us when he got home from work. See, not being able to get out just as I planned ended up in a special treat for us all.

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