Friday, March 4, 2011

Note to Self

A few reminders--

If you think Simon is chasing Abigail to catch her red boa tail while you make dinner, it would be best to check behind the closed door of the bathroom. He may be using the cat's water bowl to scoop the toilet water into the bathtub.
Just because it says stickers on the package, motif wall stickers are not made for five-year-olds to apply. They will only boss you until the headache you've had since the cold Chris gave you for Valentine's Day returns. You will move to the toddler's section of wall only to be chattered at. You can tell her you don't want to be bossed, but then you may make a mistake and here, So I guess you do need my help with Simon's stickers.  At which point you will decide that cheese sandwiches, pickles, and leftover brownie pudding cake would be a proper lunch.
Always, always, always inform children of an items use. If you do not tell them a clock is for telling time (which they already know), they may get great delight from turning the hands round and round. You may not notice. They will come to tell you quiet time is over because the clock says so. There will be an argument. This can also happen with your electric blanket. You will click it on and hours later go to a cold bed only to find that the controller has been turned to two. I ask you what good is two in electric blanket speak?
If you watch My Fair Lady more than twice, sometimes the Words, Words, Words song comes into your head while your children talk.
The days can be excruciatingly long, really the hours can feel like years, but before I've noticed art has been done, steps taken, and years passed. Create the moments. Record the memories. Listen to all the words (and record the best of them so that the world can read them.)


  1. Words, words, words??? Could be worse. You could be thinking "why can't a woman be more like a man". That wouldn't be very encouraging either. ;)

  2. Ha! sometimes my kids say things that have me flummoxed. Of course, there are times I think they might be smarter than I am :)