Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My children are early risers. I am an early riser too, but to be earlier than them I would have to skip sleep altogether. In addition with out a quiet hour carved out of the early morning, I become a rather unpleasant mother. In order to solve this issue, we have inacted two morning protocols.

First--the children aren't allowed to come to the public areas of the house until seven at which time I will have been up for one-half hour (excluding early morning bathroom runs or sleepless nights with sick children).
Second-when they enter the public spaces they may watch about one hour of TV. This consists of choosing between our DVD collection suitable for youngsters or Netflix's children's offerings that don't drive me crazy. There are about four TV series that meet those criteria. Netflix offers between 1 and 3 seasons of each. We've watched alot of the same thing.

Recently though, Simon has developed an opinion about what to watch so we have had to set up a morning TV viewing rotation. He mostly picks Diego who for a while was referred to as gooooo! goooooo! but more recently has been called by deago. Abigail is tired of Diego.

You wonder how I know. As I was sitting at the kitchen table studying Esther, I heard. . . .
(Imagine the most derision you can place in the tone of a pink footy pajama five year old girl.)

Diego, if you keep being so bossy, I'm going to stop watching you.
(in response to his request to stand up)
That is ridiculous. (responding to the offerings of the knapsack who I want to refer to as Backpack but know that is Dora)
You know the answer to that. (in response to the end puzzle questions)
Look, I am not an animal rescuerer. (when Diego asked that they climb a tree with him)

Simon, on the other hand, follows directions are replies on cue.

What a pair!

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