Saturday, April 16, 2011

There Is a Tree on My House

Yep, the tree fell today during the winds. Needless to say a visit to MedExpress for Abigail's second round of strep fighting antibiotics followed by a quick pick-up-the-medicine trip to Target and a tree on our house means that there is another day with more added to the list of things to do than taken from the list. But the girl is healing and the tree didn't do much more than land on our house.
Chris and his dad de-limbed the tree while our neighbors who actually owned the thing carried the branches away. I called the insurance company and our tree-removal service, known affectionately as "Daddy" when such times arise. He will come with Mom tomorrow and many of the things on my to-do list will be marked off when they leave. Chris and Kevin also got the basement ready to begin framing the bathroom and bedroom down there. We had tortilla crust pizza, the beans and corn meal are soaking for tomorrow's lunch, and oatmeal is waiting for the timer to go to church tomorrow.

Next week has been planned. A head was measured. Stuff printed.
We colored Easter eggs, watched Twas the Night Before Easter (Note to Self: watch The Easter Carol instead!), and ate ice cream.

I want to call it a bad day. Condemn myself to the land of the ineffective, the unintentional, the unproductive, and perhaps that is my home, but when I write, I find that perhaps that land where things happen and we do with what we have isn't a bad place to live after all.

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