Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sleepy Simon

Dear Simon,

I know that you are quickly entering the year of two. I know that you so want to do whatever the bigger people are doing. I know that when we restrict your ability to do whatever the bigger people are doing or when your size or ability restrict you, you will get frustrated, yell, and cry.

But I have noticed something--since you have been trying not to sleep things have been making you so much more frustrated.
You learned to climb out of your crib and quickly learned that you could flip through the window onto Abigail's bed and wander through the house. To keep from injuring yourself or Abigail, we changed your bed. Now you sleep in a toddler bed.
Or you rather, you wander throughout the house asking for hugs, following your sister to the bathroom, checking out the kitchen cabinets, and using your parent's toothbrush on the back of the bathroom door. You fall asleep wherever you little legs stop moving. You have fallen asleep on the stairs waking yourself and scaring us when you fell down the two steps. You have climbed over the gate and fell asleep at the top of the stairs. We have found you in our bed and in the rocking chair in your room.

Darling Boy, every time your body leaves your bed because you don't want to fall asleep you are setting yourself up for frustration tomorrow morning. Every time you fall asleep in an odd and uncomfortable position, you are setting yourself up for a frustrating afternoon. And every time someone has to move you back to your bed, you are setting yourself up for some sort of meltdown.

Please, go to sleep.

Your Mama
(slightly frustrated with the three visits during the typing of this post)

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