Thursday, June 2, 2011

Catch-Up Lists

So much seems to be happening all the time here. Funny things said. Lots of things to do and learn. Sandboxes and make-shift pools. I always mean to keep a record--pictures and words, but by the time bedtime hits, or nap time, or any quiet time really, I seem to only have energy for filling. Everything is gone--words, memories--except the feelings--joy, guilt, sweet, bitter.
Here is a little listing of where we are:
  • is over halfway finished with her learn-to-read curriculum and is reading BOB books
  • laughs hysterically at any bathroom humor encouraging her brother to shout said bathroom words that much louder
  • spends as much time as possible in the sandbox
  • comes up with the most difficult or outrageous questions imaginable
  • shouts at TV-via-Netflix shows
  • has some of the funniest expressions ever seen
  • doesn't enjoy being in the water (unless it is a pool the size of a sweater box)
  • stands on the seat of the big potty to pee when he wants to
  • says what the whaaaaaaa?  which sounds like what the insert the foulest of four letter words here totally embarrassing his mother in public. yes, this is worse than saying buttcack in the church nursery
  • runs, jumps, leaps, hits, and wrestles in true all-boy fashion

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