Monday, June 6, 2011

The End of Waiting

We've been waiting for the silver truck episodes to end. Friday we relieved ourselves of the possession of the vehicle traded for the silver truck. Friday we also got a letter from Chris's lawyer returning (in writing) the remainder of the retainer to disentangle Chris from liability in an accident which occurred after he traded said truck. We are still waiting for the check or credit to our card to be applied, but it seems the ordeal is over.

We've also been waiting for a security clearance. Chris was offered a job in January contingent upon obtaining a federal security clearance. He completed the paperwork in the middle of February. And we waited. The company turned the paperwork in on the first of March. And we waited. The feds asked for more information the first of May. And we waited. Through two business trips and one horrible performance review, we waited. Today the call came! He has been awarded a security clearance, tendered his resignation, and will begin his new job on the 20th. Ahhhh.

Now we work. We live an hour south of his new job. We would like to move 30 minutes north. So we work to get our house ready and our possessions packed. Then we will wait again. I learn peace in waiting. 

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  1. I'll be praying that things go smoothly (the prep for moving, moving, new job, peace through it all).

    Life seems to be a big wait game. One thing to wait on and then another. *sigh* It's the way we handle it that matters, right? :)