Thursday, August 4, 2011

It Hasn't Been Quite a Month

I keep sitting down to write and finding something else to occupy the time. That and my brain has been far from words. I've signed on to too many projects, and there are/were/may be too many things up in the air--waiting. I'm one overwhelmed, exhausted woman. But. . . 

I'm going to slow down-again.

Let Him show me what it is I am to be working for. Practice the word no. Give thanks always. And stop talking. I don't like stirring the pot, but once someone is I have found I fear a tendency to join the stirring. So I must do it--walk away, think on other things, stop talking.

I want to read to my children, teach my daughter, write and sew, talk with Chris, put my newly filled jars of food away before I need to go to can some more, reinstate family fun nights, sit on my porch.

Do you ever do this--make something just what you want (with what you have) and then fill up all your spaces to spend time there?

1 comment:

  1. Yes...I think fo this a lot. I've gotten good at saying no and life is way more enjoyable...and I'm a much nicer mom! Lol!