Monday, November 28, 2011

After Thanksgiving

I have been away from this place a terribly long time. I've had several hormonal upheavals with being pregnant and then not being pregnant. We've been busy with living in those moments and will probably continue to be family busy. I was looking for our Christmas picture, I realized I've done a poor job of capturing the living we've been doing. So I return to this place to slow, to remember, to create a story-legacy for us.

I want to talk about Him and them and find the joy, happiness, and thanksgiving in all of our lives. I don't want to go months without a record of our lives allowing a journal filled with disjointed thoughts be all that connects the daily to the future.

To start again at this place, a list. . .
--the early morning (too?) sounding out of our December books on the couch--
--feeling like she is gaining confidence after all those hours of letter sounds--
--his imitation of her while being very much himself--
--a blue fountain pen--
--feeling like myself--
--looking for the morning to come--
--seeing it--
--a programmable coffee pot--
--a birthday party for my dad--
--creating quiet--

I have found delight in 5:30 risings--the quiet stillness that heralds beauty, light, and children. This morning the quiet was broken much earlier than I anticipated or desired. It makes my heart race; I can find myself frustrated with the interruption. Then if I listen, if I share the morning, I can find joy, and sometimes happiness in the unquiet quiet early morning hours. The listing of delights helps.

Do you have lists? Do you have a list of joys?

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