Thursday, January 12, 2012

Simon Says

This is our boy. Playing drums with his new pistols, licking his sister's cake batter from the spatula, eking every ounce of enjoyment out of each minute or feeling deeply the moments in which he finds no enjoyment. He is truly a joy.

Before this picture I hear hollered, Mommy, can we take ours licker into the library? I had no idea what he meant till he came frustrated to the kitchen repeating himself the whole way.

My all-time favorite thus far has been an exchange between he and Chris. A little background. We are working on potty-training the child and aren't there due to shear stubbornness on his part, and I am going with it because with Abigail I caused way too much stress. Anyway, I wanted him to pee in the potty and he didn't want to. We, he and I, were in the bathroom. Chris was putting dishes away. As is often the case in our house, the bathroom door was open and it is mere steps from our kitchen. Chris was growing frustrated with the stubbornness.
Oh, Simon, just go to the bathroom.
Hey, I'm am in the baffroom.
No response.
Hey, Dada, I'm am in the baffroom.
I shook with the silent laughter of a mother who knows she shouldn't laugh, but can barely contain herself.

And if you will indulge me one more memory. 
We were watching Mary Poppins Friday night. All of us snuggled on the couch--Abigail, me, Simon, Chris. And the father of Jane and Michael comes into the scene once again rather grouchy. 
Wow, he is a grouchy father. Do you know any grouchy fathers?
When I turned for Simon's response. He silently lifted his little hand off of Chris's thigh, stuck out his pointer finger and pointed straight down to Chris's thigh. He then looked up to make sure Chris was looking and grinned. Chris tickled and Simon got exactly what he was going for--a tickle romp with Daddy.

Don't worry, soon I will post about Abigail and all of her changes. But today, I wanted to spend a little time recording Simon. With two, it is sometimes difficult to find the space to make records (or even to find the things you would want to record.) And I think the boy needs some time that is all his.        

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