Tuesday, February 14, 2012

34 Valentine's Days

We love because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

Each day is steeped in His favor, just the breath I draw. So while I struggle with being sick and with all that has happened in the past several months. No, I'm not over it yet (a testament that love grows with time and proximity). And especially with feeling that He is near and that in being near He cares.

I choose to find 34 gifts; 34 things I love.
  1. I love brown eyes.
  2. I love dimples.
  3. I love mommy.
  4. I love salt-and pepper.
  5. I love snow.
  6. I love big black dogs.
  7. I love little snores.
  8. I love coffee in the morning.
  9. I love seeing him off. 
  10. I love all the things I hear when no one thinks I'm listening.
  11. I love arms wrapped around me while we fall asleep.
  12. I love hearing my dad's voice when I call.
  13. I love the way my mother offers to take the children so I can recover.
  14. I love friends who offer to take my children, too.
  15. I love snow.
  16. I love a good book, children's or grown-ups.
  17. I love candlelight.
  18. I love bare trees in winter.
  19. I love crocus's hinting, just hinting, at spring.
  20. I love familiar handwriting in cards bringing love.
  21. I love holding hands in the parking lot, especially when they are volunteered.
  22. I love Amazing Grace and It Is Well with My Soul.
  23. I love a great piece of fabric making things new.
  24. I love little crocheted hats.
  25. I love that look men (but especially dads) get when they hold new babies.
  26. I love lego creations.
  27. I love pictures of thunder.
  28. I love the way peace comes when I ask.
  29. I love the way the day can come together when we need to start over.
  30. I love a good nap.
  31. I love rocking chairs.
  32. I love the sunrise.
  33. I love finding Orion on cloudless winter evenings.
  34. I love a full moon hanging low while the sun is shining.
 I especially love these three, just because they are these three.

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