Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some More about that Application

I said it on facebook and realized that there was so much more to say.

We are entering the world of adoption . . . again. The last time we were given Simon biologically. He is the person God dreamed for our family, and we can not imagine ourselves without him. Well, sometimes Abigail would like to imagine her life without him, but that is the nature of siblings.

I cannot remember a time in my adult life when adoption was far from my mind. When I was doing clinical work as a junior in college, I met a boy--nine years old--whose mother no longer wanted him. He was living with his grandmother until parents could be found for him. Chris and I were dating then and I remember telling him that if child-bearing became difficult or impossible for us if we were to be married eventually, I wanted to adopt. He agreed.

Well, child-bearing is difficult for us. We know we would love to have more children, but our attempts have been less than successful and the grief is beginning to impact Abigail, weary us, and take a toll on my body. We feel like now it is time to build our family this way.

We are using Bethany Christian Services as our agency. We worked with them for the domestic infant adoption we were planning. Now we are planning to adopt an older child (or two) domestically (fancy words for from the foster system.) Our dream would be to adopt a sibling group (of two) younger than Abigail. We know that at times our dreams are different than God's dreams for us, and that His dreams far exceed our abilities and our hopes. So we are waiting on Him, filling out mounds of paperwork, and waiting on Him.

There are so many unknowns and so many reasons that this couldn't possibly work, but we are going to take this path shown so many ways and times to be ours.

It was so encouraging to hear from everyone over facebook. We are so blessed to have such friends from wherever we have gone. Thank you so much for praying and supporting us.

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