Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Thankful

It is a beautiful day here. Soon we will venture outdoors quite possibly without coats, though boots do look necessary.
This weekend was a busy one. Friday we had our small group gathering, always lasting longer than we intend. But that is the way with good friends and good food and growing deeper together with one another and Him. Saturday was the long-awaited first sleep-over with the mandatory sleepless night. Sunday we went to visit my family. Chasing goats, picking eggs, and wrestling was on the ticket then.
So today, in borrowed-from-Grandma's-emergency-clothing-drawer pajamas, the kids have played, wiling away the morning creating their own worlds, participating in one another's imaginations, and squabbling as siblings are want to do.
School, though not cancelled for the day, has been delayed until a sleepy, slap-happy girl will be able to study without the impending discouragement and frustration that trying to force phonics into a body restless for want of sleep will invoke.
And after a winter of struggling to find joy and delight in this journey called home-education that we are on, I find myself today so very grateful for the time given to do what my children need when they need it.



So today a themed list . . .
::those fossils I saved as a child::
::the magnifying glass bought in a box at the auction::
::girls holding hibernating caterpillars::
::the earthworms on our kitchen counter::
::and in a cookie sheet::

::building gardens together::
::seeing all that dirt is made of::
::a cake from inception to completion with three hands in the batter::
::good books::
::flexible schedules::

::knowing what they know::
::the boy with beans and pods--distracted for study::
::timers (they're the spoonful of sugar equivalent)::
::hearing her ask to learn::
::being assured that someone else can handle a class or two::

::knowing there are all sorts of loving teachers for my two whenever we deem appropriate::
::listening to Chris teach her swimming skills::
::learning that having the skills doesn't mean being ready::
::listening to them think::
::hearing the victory cheer when they know something new::

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