Saturday, February 25, 2012

Simon Says

He yaps constantly--no one else needs to talk, for he has used the spoken word quota for the entire family each day. His superhero name is The Dapper Yapper.

He is cute and wordy.

Here are a few of our more recent favorites.

I invited the dinosaurs to the ant's party.

They shut my feelings in the door.
They shut your finger in the door.
No, they shut my feelings in the door.
Abigail had a friend over and they endured all of his superpowers until finally they kicked him out for a while. Sorta like the XMen, he needs trained in the best use of his powers.

I don't love you. And God doesn't love you.
Nothin' like co-opting the emotions, and will, of the Almighty when your sister wears you thin.

And in response to my effort to spare him his feelings being shut in the door (read: I could hear him trying to out talk the girls and thought I would distract before they kicked him out.)
Simon, do you know anyone who can work the mixer to make banana bread.
Yes, me. But I want you to do it.
Oh, but won't you help. I've forgotten how.
Mommy, you can use you hand to turn it on.
Can't you come and help.
Giving me a reassuring hug (surprisingly reassuring for a toddler), Mommy, I know you can do it.
The lesson here:  If you don't want your sister and her friend to shut your feelings in the door, help make banana bread.

To Chris:
Tell me a story.
OK (and he begins).
No, tell me a story about a little boy and a shotgun.

Chris came out of the bedroom after telling (or attempting to tell the story) and commented. That kid is bat-crap crazy.

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