Monday, February 6, 2012

On Enslavement

It was for freedom Chris has set you free; 
therefore, keep standing firm and 
do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.
Galatians 5:1

Apparently there are more ways than one to be enslaved. Of course, we all know that. But as I am walking through this self-declared Year of Jubilee, I am reminded of the ways I get myself entangled in slavery.

A slavish devotion to
  • my to-do list
  • the list of dutiful wife, loving mother qualifications
  • the constant nagging worry that I have sinned in some especially awful and unknown way
  • the wonder about the when of the next big event in our lives

I want to laugh at the outrageousness of it all right now when the sun is shining and the children are resting. But later when dinner clean-up comes and I glance at the list or I see the mess still on the living room floor, the hidden devotions, sneaky slavery pops up. It steals the hours of productive joy behind me and the hours of relaxed joy before me. It steals away moments of conversation and connection with children growing all too quickly and it steals my husband's sense of well-being at home.

If I notice though, the moments throughout the day, the chains binding me in the evening lose a little of their grip. And so I have a planner re-purposed, a place for listing daily lovelies, a place for counting, a place for declaring freedom.

::being able to start his car for him this morning::
::and seeing the stars clear::
::a girl and legos (is she ever consumed)::
::a boy picking a ball::
::little ones paying with their own money::
::the pharmacist who has conversations with chatty little boys about new balls::
::a good timer::
::and a good plan::
::early morning mom calls::
::expecting nieces::
(144-153: my counting is going so slowly as I keep starting in spurts. I think this is attempt 5.)

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