Thursday, August 23, 2012

All to Ourselves

Abigail was invited to a sleepover. Simon and I dropped her off a little after 4 in the afternoon. She barely remembered to say Bye and I love you.

Simon and I headed to T@rget for a special drink for me and for you, new big boy sheets (may I get his bed painted before the mattress arrives), and a few things to give. He and I chatted. Without interruption or competition, we just talked and I heard his little voice because for as loud as it is, his voice is still little.

I need to shred some zucchini and make zucchini bread. Do you know anyone who will help?
Meeeee. I will do it myself.
Really, you will shred zucchini and make bread yourself, hunh?
Yes, all by myself.

He fell asleep during the car-ride home, all ten minutes of it. And during zucchini shredding/bread mixing time, he couldn't resist practicing riding his bike handed down from Abigail (may I get that painted too) and playing little Legos by himself.

He snuggled close to Chris on the couch to read books, slurped down an apple dumpling, and belly laughed while playing cars with his daddy-who has been waiting somewhat impatiently for someone to make those car noises, go fast, and crash. He made the requisite I've-napped-today-and-can't-fall-asleep four trips to check on us.

 And while I fiercely love and have missed my girl, it has been very nice to get to have Simon all to myself.

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  1. I love those nights. Kind of nice to have those nights with just one (or in our case, two) of the kids. :)