Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In the Midst

At least that is where I think we are. Somewhere in the convergence of these three storms. It is raining and snowing outside. The furnace is clicking on winter-often. But we are grateful that we have power and phone and playing in the snow clothes. 

We had to take the car for its annual inspection. Since it is in walking distance, we dropped it off to walk home, the promise of hot cocoa making the trip worth it. Once we returned we couldn't bring ourselves to come in right away. There were rabbits to check on, snowpeople to make, and a driveway to shovel.

One Precious Snowball Is in the Freezer
She Took the Initiative while I Was Caring for Rabbits
With Her Snow Girl-Finished (and the precious snowball)
Everyone NEEDS Their Own Shovel
We discovered that Simon's snowsuit is truly waterproof. Abigail and I got wet through. Thankful for a dryer that had our clothes ready in time to pick up the car (though we were already out the door in layered raincoats before the beep sounded.)

Now I just keep sweeping the water out of the basement. Thankful for a dehumidifier and a shopvac.

We continue to pray for those impacted far worse than we have been.

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