Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Walking Wednesday--Appropriate Attire

So, we've been walking lately. I've mentioned that. I even said yesterday that we dropped our car off to get it inspected and walked home, to walk back later to pick it up.

I've also mentioned that aside from yesterday, and today, Simon rides a tricycle with a handle that I push. I am happy to announce that he has been pedaling it more and more. But what I haven't mentioned, and didn't realize until half way through our first handle-bike walk was that riding a bike is colder than walking with your family. And I must add that my dear three-year-old youngest boy does not handle discomfort well at all. In fact, he makes sure that everyone else is as uncomfortable as he is. (So much so that I've had to move a dentist appointment for everyone's sanity). So . . .

I am the mom pushing a boy in a full snowsuit on a tricycle in the middle of October prior to the snow we received from a cold front-hurricane superstorm.

Seriously, though, spending time outdoors every day requires the proper attire. Keeping children warm and dry (and their mothers) keeps the good times going as long as they can and makes the times we're struggling to be happy outside bearable. We went today to upgrade the rain boots and leaky winter coats and snow pants.

The wooly bears say we're in for a bad beginning to winter--very black rings. Now we'll be ready.

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