Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Walking Wednesday--Not Admirable

I had big plans to get up before Chris and to walk all over our neighborhood, to pray and release stress, and have quiet. Well, that is not possible. He feels too good to roll over next to for a few moments, and it is very dark and quite cold, and I end up far too tired to be kind during the day.

So, I've changed plans.

I walk up and down our block three mornings a week while the children are watching their television-to-netflix shows. I am never far and definitely within sprinting distance if something should happen. They are occupied. I get as much time with Chris as I can, it isn't dark( and cold isn't as bad when I can see), and I am not overly tired during the day. It is workin' for us.

One nice by-product is that I see a few of our neighbors as I'm walking (as well as convince the local high-schoolers I am the crazy lady as I continue to pray). I've found out that one neighbor's mother was ill and in the hospital, that others are truly unfriendly, and that one finds my walking and home-educating admirable.

I have tried and am determined to convince her that neither is admirable, rather these activities are faithfulnesess to the calling He has put on our lives.

I walk so that I can connect with my Creator, be healthy, and parent effectively. If I don't move I am an unpleasant woman to live with.

We home-educate our children out of respect for the time we have been given, the quality of life we desire, and the philosophy of education we hold. We teach our children at home because we have been called to do this, not because we are super Christians or great parents.

And I am faithful, because He is faithful and has generously poured that faithfulness into a vessel who finds follow-through tedious and difficult. If that is to be found admirable, look not at me rather look past and to the One who creates, redeems and grows fruit in those who will ask.

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