Monday, January 1, 2007

Catch Up

Wow, I can't believe it has been six weeks or so since I posted anything. I also can't believe how the addition of one little person makes the holiday season so much more. I don't know if Abigail caused the business or if deciding what to do with her on adult only outings added to the choas. Of course there was Christmas shopping with her and Christmas shopping for her and protecting the Christmas tree (and gifts under it) from her.
But that has passed, and we have officially entered a new year with all its promise and uncertainity. I think about resolutions and what I will resolve. I want to believe I have learned everything I need about the grace I need to be a wife and mother, but I am sure I have only begun. Abigail punctuates this with her Tarzan/yodeling fuss that today has been incessant.
She, though, is very cute and growing and learning. Still she argues with head wags and grunts, but any day now I am convinced she will speak. Maybe understandable speech will lessen my need for grace as I will understand better her needs. Of course, I know how I speak to God when He asks something of me I don't like. Quite possibly my need for grace will intensify.
Have I talked myself into a resolution? To dive so deeply into God's grace that Abigail will have grace poured out into her life. And Abigail's resolution: to demand such a measure of grace from my parents they must get it from God.
Happy New year!

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