Sunday, April 1, 2007

Colossal Clutter Clean-up

So I have become a crazy blog nut. At first I was just posting this one. Then I found out my friend in CA had a blog and I began visiting that often. She has a nifty list of other blogs on her site and I got interested in some of them. Specifically one titled Bringing Good Home. From there I found a couple, but one I am focusing on right now: A Clean Heart.
I became intrigued with this idea that the outside is a reflection of the inside. I knew it was true, the Bible says so, but had never really thought about what my outside was saying about my heart. When I had to dig through a pile of stuff on my desk to get my Bible and journal, and had to crane my neck to see the computer screen, and growled because of the crunchy three day old rice on the floor under Abigail's highchair, I decided it might be time for some evaluation. And being a teacher, I know that the only good that an evaluation serves is to show where improvement has been made (not yet) or where it needs to be made.
So I begin this journey the Colossal Clutter Clean-up which can be found at A Clean Heart. There is a free download to help with the devotions and the de-cluttering. Free things are so exciting. I printed it all off and had it bound at Staples. In total I paid $3.18 for all the materials. Yipee!

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  1. I should be that ambitious, but I'm not. I have nice piles of clutter in the kitchen, the computer desk and area, and let's not even get started on Mae's room! Well, her room isn't really is a pile of mine, but in a way I'm responsible for it....she really needs to do an overhaul this week as friends are coming on Sunday for a weeks visit!!! Yikes, gotta get busy with the rest of the house!!!