Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Car-Seat Stuffing

Sorry for the hiatus. We decided to visit family for the weekend and I'm still recovering.

Again, Abigail did a stellar job considering 20 hours or so in a car seat between Thursday and Sunday. Each time we travel she is in need of more. Last time we said a DVD player was in order before the next trip. This time we still didn't have a DVD player and we say that a DVD player is in order before the next trip.

Actually this was not at all the point of this post. I want to list the things found in a car seat at any given time.

2-graham cracker segments saved
3-animal crackers beheaded and saved
4- stuffed animals (lamb, dog, bear, and duck).

At other times we also had

a steering wheel toy which only aggravated the situation because I forgot to put new batteries in it,
a baby einstein barn that played music and had flaps with animals on it-as successful as the steering wheel was a failure,
a lukewarm sippy cup filled with water; lukewarm because it was sitting between Abigail and the side of said car seat,
cold bizarrely textured burger king fries rejected at lunch and at snack time,
the insides of a cereal bar--enough said,

At one point everything on the list was in the car seat, and of course the child was always in the car seat. A rather high toll to be exacted on such a little person to know her grandparents, I think.

Oh, and the people who say that never letting your child ride without being confined will mean they will accept the torture, they lie.

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